Periodontal Health, an approach microbiological modern


Theoretical and practical course for practitioners and their staff

1st Day: Theory

  • Expectations and agreements
  • Introduction to periodontal microbiology
  • Microbial theories and medical paradigms
  • Biofilm according to the periodontal state
  • Presentation of clinical cases: from health to Periodontics
  • Effective medical and pharmaceutical treatment in periodontics
  • Demonstration of Fresh Sampling Using a Phase Contrast Microscope

Day 2: Practical application of the basics

  • The Parodex index
  • Demonstration and practical work on 8 cases of periodontal disease
  • Constitute your own Parodex index according to its biofilm and its clinical state (participation of the practitioner and his staff as a patient)
  • Clinical and microbiological comparisons of health, gingivitis and periodontitis
  • Review of the stages of the journey by appointment
  • Case Study: Transmission of Periodontal Disease?

Day 3: Take back the scientific bases and apply it to the patient

  • How and why bacteriology?
  • State of the art science on biofilm
  • The winning method (American, European, Canadian school)
  • The interest of parasitology and its origin
  • Study your patient records: evaluate your current results
  • Transpose the microbiological method into your practice
  • Achieve success for all your patients


Take action

  • History of Periodontics
  • Synthesis of the microbiological approach
  • Usefulness of microscopy
  • Clinical aids and other instruments
  • Grouping for the benefit of patients
  • Being a leader in periodontics and health

4th day (one month later): Integrate the method and move towards health

  • To know when to announce the disease, the treatment, the cost
  • Know how to set a tariff
  • Accept treatment of your patients and accompany them to the end
  • Integrate the various communication media
  • Summarize the protocol, record keeping
  • Review the steps of the first visit to the maintenance visit
  • The protocol of the therapy by appointment and the “checklist”
  • Share diagnosis, therapy and prognosis
  • Informed consent in periodontics
  • Medication and detailed instructions
  • Understanding from the patient
  • The maintenance exactly

This day, aims to deepen all the hazards of communication and implementation in the practice of the firm. A CD-ROM will be given to you with new tools such as the periodontal treatment plan to give to the patient as well as the estimate to accompany it, data sheets on periodontal disease and a list of standard phrases that can help in the explanation of the patient treatment (what to say and what not to say).

You also get a practical workshop on the proper implementation of the method with patients, record keeping and visualization of the results.